Mythic Fantasy H5 Handbook

Time: 2019-09-09 22:06

Mythic Fantasy H5 Handbook

Mythic Fantasy card game depicts an amazing magical world with vivid characters, funny dialogues, epic stories, and real-time battle eliminate mode.

Game Features:

The gameplay emphasizes your own wisdom instead of auto-battle. During the fight, you can adopt different tactics to win, such as using a 3-skill chain or a Prophet skill.

6 types of Class:

Heroes are the most important part of an RPG game. Here are the 6 types of heroes available in Mythic Fantasy including Warrior,Paladin,Mage,Priest,Archer,Gunner

1. Game Interface and System

Hero System

Warrior: Higher Attack, HP and Crit, with skills that mostly deals Phy DMG to single target; a front row class suitable for dealing damages or use as tank.

Paladin: HP and DEF are highest amongst all classes with skills that control or provide BUFF for the team; a front row class that is the best tank.

Mage: Higher ATK, RESIL and RES but low HP and Phy. DEF. Many of the skills deal AOE damage; a middle row, high damage class.

Priest: Higher Magic ATK and RES and balance of other stats. Many of the skills restore HP and provide BUFF for the team; a middle row assist class

Archer: Highest Crit of all classes, also higher HP and ATK. Many of the skills are AOE damage and deals damage to back row. A back row class which deals continuous damage.

Gunner: Attack, Crit and RESIL are higher. Back row class where many of the skills have knocked back effect which can disrupt enemy’s formation.

BP increase

You can Level Up, Advance, Rank Up and Upgrade Skills to increase heroes’ BP.

Level Up: Requires Gold and EXP Potion, obtain through Wiping out Main Instances, Shop, or Relic Instances

Hero Rank Up

Hero Rank Up will increase basic attributes and upgrade Passive Skill’s level. The first rank up is when Hero reaches Lv10, then as hero reaches required level and Advance +10, then can Rank Up again. Ranking Up will cost Heart of Heroes, hero class’s medals and Gold. The Hero Rank from lowest to highest is: Rookie, Novice, Adept, Senior, Expert, Master, King.

Hero Advance

Hero Advancing can increase basic stats and also a requirement for hero rank up. Except for King, all other rank can advance 10 times. Advancing will cost Soul Stones, hero class’s scrolls, and Gold.

Also you can get soul stones by recycling the heros.

Hero Skill

Hero Skills include Active Skill and ULT Skill. Active skills are triggered when you clear the skill marks, and you obtain ULT Skill when you clear 5 skill marks. In addition, A and above quality heroes also have Passive Skills, which includes Captain type and Soldier type. Captain type Passive skills are triggered when you clear blocks, while Soldier type Passive skills are triggered when teammates cleared blocks.

2.Battle System

Novice guide:

Players can chose manual operation or auto-fighting (open at LV5) to pass game levels. Auto-fighting is recommended at the initial stage. When encountering advanced game levels, players can manually click the skill button or release the Prophet’s skill at the appropriate time to pass the levels.

3.Gear System

Enhancing Gear requires lots of Gold, so you should be careful when enhancing. You can start by enhancing B quality gear to +10 and A quality to +20. If you obtain S+ or SS+ gear, you can enhance as high as possible because they add a lot of BP. You can also enhance weapons more. If you enhanced a piece of gear but no longer need it, you can recycle it in the Furnace which returns some of the Gold used.

4.Contract System

Card games cannot avoid topics like “ drawing cards “. You can consume diamonds to acquire rare heroes. And when you draw 10x for a single time, you must acquire an A quality hero. Every day you will have a single time free summon in Divine Contract.

Or you can consume gold to draw cards to acquire rare gears or items. Every day you will have three times free summon in Normal Contract.

5.Daily Task

By completing daily task,you can gain lots of great rewards, including gold,diamonds and experiences.

6.Friend System

In Mythic Fantasy,you can meet lots of friends in our fantasy world.


We have six different adventure in our map.

Relic Instances

Relic Instances drops all types of items and mats.

Each instance requires different amount of Keys. Keys automatically recover but take a long time, so you can also purchase them in Shop or obtain them in Expeditions.


Expedition is very important in dropping all sorts of Mats, Gold, Bread and Keys.

Expedition Time lasts 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours; longer time will drop better rewards. Each expedition requires 3 heroes.


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